Snack Attacks

Peeps…a typical Easter treat… that creeps me out. The fact those words rhyme is just a happy accident. I can eat a gummy bear, head first mind you, without blinking an eye. And the snack that smiles back? I eat those little fishes almost on the daily; which if you are an avid Goldfish eater like myself, you know those colorful buddies not only have a happy smile, but also have eyes. So I asked myself, “what is it about eating Peeps that make me feel like a heartless murderer?”  I love marshmallows; I love sugar; so, Peeps should be an acceptable decapitation by the entire snack eating community…right? But it’s not…

I came to the conclusion it is the eyes. They have eyes that just gleam up at you like, “Hello there! I’m just a little Peep and you’re going to eat me?!” And they have no obvious road map on where to begin either…the head? The eyes will stop you. The body? They have defined ridges to represent what would be their little, feathery wings. You can’t win! You don’t want to begin on the backside either, because – well, that one should be obvious.

I feel bad for these Peeps and question my morals as a snacker. Will I eat Peeps again? Probably – let’s be real – but I will have to eat them whole, so their sacrifice is quick. Despite my confliction, I can still enjoy those sugary birds with the simple truth that at the end of the day, at least I am not a cereal killer.

4 thoughts on “Snack Attacks

  1. Peeps will make your teeth fall out they are so sweet. Peeps is what I call my friends so eating a peep does almost sound ethically wrong lol.


  2. I am a peep murderer…I don’t even care! Those things are delicious! I eat them face first, bottom first, right smack dab in the middle…any way I can!


  3. I’m so excited for your blog! And yeah…..if it blows up and you can make playdoh out of it, I don’t wanna eat it.


  4. Always start with the head on any treat. Then it will never see what’s coming next. Otherwise you will have a situation with Ginggy.


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