Sometimes You Just Have to Eat Your Oatmeal with a Fork

Life isn’t perfect; that’s old news. We all experience life’s imperfections somewhere along the way, so learn to be a problem solver. The following are life lessons experienced and endorsed by yours truly:

  • Sometimes you just have to eat your oatmeal with a fork.
  • You might have to download apps to watch baseball on Opening Day because your Wasband disconnected your satellite cable.
  • Use a dust pan as a rake, because you don’t own a rake and you have zero intentions of buying one now.
  • Get creative with recipes; did you know hummus and canned chicken with a little cracked pepper goes a long way?
  • Snag a parking space in the back. Cool kids never sit up close anyway.
  • Wear red on Italian night so no one will notice how sloppy you are at eating spaghetti.
  • Create memes to better express what you are feeling…and throw in a #hashtag to show you mean business. #passiveaggressive
  • Need glasses? Buy bigger sunglasses that fit over the hipster frames you actually need.
  • Use the leftover milk from your bowl of Lucky Charms as coffee creamer (kids, this one will change your life forever, I promise.)
  • And last but not least, always make friends wherever an imperfection takes you…I once made friends in detention (I was in detention because my high school algebra teacher thought I talked too much…hmph, I showed him!).

As always, make your day sparkle!

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