BFF Nerd Alert

Liking your co-workers is one thing, but loving them makes all the difference.  I am lucky enough to work with two of my best friends. Not only do we entertain the office with our hilarity, but we also entertain each other…and occasionally get some work done. The reasons why I love these two ladies are endless, but what I particularly love is how our three different personalities somehow all coincide. Here’s a brief breakdown of who we are (names have been changed to protect the innocent…)

First, we have The Cat in the Hat, our leader. She is wise beyond her years and quite frankly the smartest person I know. She is very in-tune with emotions and reading situations; her input and advice is often sought out by others. She is bubbly, yet reserved, and what I love most about her is her innocence; I make it personal goal to make her blush at least once per week, if not more.

So next, we have Thing 1, the loyal one. She and Cat were friends first. Thing 1, also crazy smart, is the absolute best at being fair and reading in between the lines. Nothing gets by her. She isn’t afraid to call us (well, me) out when we (okay, I) are (am) being ridiculous. She sees things differently than others and that is what I love about her the most.  She always looks up when others tend to look down.

Me? I am Thing 2…the funny one. You already know about me and my quirks, otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this delightful blog…if you don’t know about me, you’re about to find out (and welcome to my blog!).

I met Cat in graduate school. We were in Economics (or some other class that was mentally just as thrilling) and the professor made a comment that I clearly took to be a “that’s what she said…” remark, so I snickered. Well, the girl sitting in the row in front of me (Cat) snickered at the same time as me. We’ve been inseparable ever since. She and Thing 1 were friends long before Cat and I met in grad school; Cat introduced me to Thing 1 later down the road. Thing 1 and I were bridesmaids in Cat’s wedding, which is how she and I became closer. Now, we all three work together, live within 20 minutes or less of each other, and yes, at times, purposely dress alike. We are who we are and we do what we do…

So telling you that we each are OCD and/or Type-A personalities in some shape or form shouldn’t be a surprise. To further support this, we created Self-Awareness Mondays (SAM). Each Monday, we blowup each other’s phones with Buzzfeed quizzes in our group text (which I refuse to ever delete, because it’s too priceless and hysterical at times). As if SAM wasn’t enough, we began documenting our results to have data to support why we are the best at being best friends. Yup. We have a matrix! Below is a snip-it of said Matrix… it’s color-coded, has percentages, and of course includes a graph! We figure after enough quizzes and data, we can evaluate our differences, and see how we’ve not only grown as individuals, but also as friends…because Buzzfeed reveals pure scientific truths of the universe.  Enjoy!



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