I am cheap, easy, and cheesy.

They say, “You are what you eat.” If that is truly accurate, then, well…I am cheap, easy, and cheesy.

Let’s get down to it (…that’s what she said…). I have been told numerous times that I am a “strange” eater. Okay, I’ll own up to that seeing how my two main food groups are carbs and coffee. Let me clarify that I am not a picky eater by any means…it took a lot of pizza rolls and Dr. Pepper to get this excellent, circular shape of mine. Also – and this is very important – I don’t share food. If I share food with you, you are special to me. I have asked my mother multiple times if I was starved as a child and she insists that I wasn’t, but alas, Kendra (that’s me in case you’re wondering) does not share food. And yes, I get hangry. Now, back to the point…here are some random likes, dislikes, and fun-facts about my food choices and me:

  1.  I am not fan of ketchup, but I will drown almost anything in Heinz 57, especially mashed potatoes.
  2. I eat spaghetti, pancakes, and French fries plain.
  3. No need for milk when it comes to cereal.
  4. Cheese…you name it, I like it.
  5. I don’t put a piece of gum in my mouth whole; I “eat it.” Yup, I will take one bite, chew, take another bite, chew, and repeat until the stick of gum is gone.
  6. I disassemble pizza. I will first eat all the toppings, then the triangle part of the crust, then the crust.
  7. I don’t like chocolate much, not even when Aunt Flow visits.
  8. I hate strawberries; I am allergic to them, but minor detail…
  9. Pickles. I love pickles like a pregnant woman loves pickles (or so I’ve been told by a pregnant woman)
  10. Warm soda warms my heart.
  11. I hate beer. I tried “acquiring” the taste. I failed.
  12. Beef jerky is the snack of champions, just ask Chuck Norris.
  13. I dislike fish, but love seafood.
  14. Ice is the enemy in every beverage but water.
  15. Twinkies, enough said. #NomNomNom

I could keep going, but if I revealed all my fun food secrets, what is left for future suitors to discover about me? If one of them plays his cards right, I might share my food with him. We have to give him that opportunity, right?

Thanks for reading this random, pointless, that’s-five-minutes-of-my-life-I-can’t-get-back post! I wish you all happy future food endeavors! This post was inspired by one of my truest friends and a conversation we had about Stouffer’s Lasagna. Friend, you know who you are and thanks for inspiration now and always.

The sun has set, but you can still make your day sparkle, kids!

PS – this is a blog about food, so does that make it a flog? (…told you I was cheesy! 😉 )


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