Head in the Clouds

stock-photo-23058478-world-map-in-snow-globe-400x444Some people dislike flying the friendly skies, but I have always rather enjoyed it. I have never been afraid of flying and have had my fair share of flights throughout my life, yet I never fully stopped to think… “why?”

The answer came to me this morning while sitting on the tarmac. Flying is peaceful. It is quiet. And for roughly 2.5 hours +/-  I am shut-off from the world and all it’s distractions. We now live in a time where every moment, every thought, and every action is not only documented, but also broadcasted. The world never stops; it is available at our finger tips every second of every day. Flying forces me to sit still and allows my mind to stop moving. I just sit (okay, sometimes I nap!). I don’t “think” per se, I just sit, look out the window, and just be. No music, no social media, no reading, just my glitzy brain and me. My mind is much like a snow globe; shake it up and watch it shine! So I cherish the rare instances in life when I am forced to sit still. The glitter settles and the picture become clear.

Now let’s talk the obvious best perk of flying…snacks! Oh yes. I love some bags of peanuts and ginger ale. Does anyone else remember the days of airline meals? I think the last meal I was served on an airplane was 1999. I was flying with my family to San Francisco. We were served breakfast on this flight and it was a bagel with cream cheese, fruit, and “eggs & bacon.” I remember this because my sister nearly vomited at her first taste of the eggs, and she has never been a fan of bacon (I know right?!), so I swapped my bagel for her eggs and bacon. I still say I was the real winner of this trade…

I’ll leave you with an eye-roll-of-a-blonde moment story. When I fly, I typically get ginger ale as my beverage option. I have loved ginger ale since I was a kid and always thought drinking it on an airplane made me “fancy.” I never drank ginger ale anywhere else, so my little 8-year-old girl mind thought you could only get this fancy, bubbly beverage on an airplane. Imagine my joy when I realized – at an age far too embarrassing to admit – you can buy ginger ale almost anywhere. Best (and most embarrassing). Day. Ever.

As always, thank you for reading my blog! I wish you all the same kind of zen!

Make today sparkle!

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