Today is the Day

Today is the day… for whatever you want it to be or whatever you need it to be.

Today is the day where you define you, not your past and certainly not your “flaws.” Let the past go; it can’t hurt you anymore. Situations and outcomes aren’t everything you are. Don’t give heartache, failure, or disappointment the power to define you.

Today is the day to stop apologizing. Whatever you like or dislike, that is okay; those elements make you different and different is beautiful. Embrace you who are. Celebrate you who are and find others who will do the same. They are out there, I promise.

Today is the day to be brave. Take a chance. Take charge. Take your life back. Whatever is causing you sadness or stress needs to go. Make today the day you decide enough is enough or make today the day you finally decided to begin. Stop making excuses. Stop letting obstacles and “what if’s” win; bet on yourself to win, because today is the day you put up a fight and you just do it.

Today is the day to move. I dare you to move. I challenge you to take the first step towards whatever it is that you want. Whether it’s to move on, regain something lost, or find something new, just move. Take the step. Adventures, memories, lessons, fulfillment, all of it begins when you do.

Today is the day. Make it what you want it to be.


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