Glitz 2016

They say a dream is a wish your heart makes…but sometimes it’s just a dream. I have had my share of whack-a-doo dreams in my days; I recently had one that left me feeling not only empowered, but it also left me with a good giggle.   A common known fact about me is I am rather patriotic. I have had an above average level of patriotism for as long as I can remember. There are many reasons why I am patriotic, but that isn’t the point of this particular blog.

A few current displays of my patriotism right now include a new phone case a friend bought for me that is clear, but has red glitter and tiny blue stars that float around. It’s mesmerizing!! Every Independence Day my mom gives me a gift basket full of patriotic décor and I even have a patriotic name picked out for a baby girl – if I were to ever have a child.  And I seriously contemplating outlining my driveway in tiny flags that will compliment the new wreath another friend custom made for my front door. I love my stars and stripes!   When I was a teenager, I chose Presidency as my career path. Well, over the years that has obviously changed, but apparently my subconscious hasn’t forgotten.  I dreamt a few nights ago that I was being inaugurated as President of the United States. I know, legendary stuff! Like most dreams, a lot of the details have faded, but I’ll try to entertain you with what I remember.

I remember standing on a small box, a platform if you will, but this platform was enclosed behind red curtains on all sides. Inside this magic red curtained world was a team of people. One person was lent rolling my clothes, but the one that is most memorable is the one who was measuring the inseam of my arm. I don’t know why, so please don’t ask. Oh and there was another person brushing my hair, which I will admit, was great.  After being “groomed” I was suddenly in a different room and its purpose was clearly for food; because when I am president, snack time is an executive order. There was a buffet, I don’t remember what was on it, but I am sure it was delicious. Next, I am in yet another room and there is a panel of three men. These friendly fellas wanted to know if I was “sure” I wanted to be president. They kept asking over and over and I apparently said “yes” enough that I was then escorted off to Oval Office.

So that’s it, kids. All the pomp and circumstance we watch on TV or see in the pages of history books is lie. All a new President has to do before taking over the most powerful country in the world is stand still so he – or she! – can be measured for clothes, be groomed, eat, and then say yes a lot. What I found most ridiculous about my dream and the process of inauguration for presidency is no one on my team asked me about my running mate, nor did they seem to concerned on who I chose to be next in line. Being the proactive planner I am, I have a phone call out to Tina Fey…just in case. I am sure she will return my call any moment now.

Thanks for sharing my short-lived presidency with me! Remember, ask not what your country can do to make you sparkle, but what you can do to make your country sparkle…see what I did there?!


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