I haven’t been adulting well lately. If you do not know what “adulating” is, I will briefly explain. Adulting is a state of being where you are to make wise, adult-like decisions that will positively impact your future endeavors/wellness/livelihood in life. Adulting can also simply be described as acting like a grown-up and not like a kid. Sounds simple enough right? Lately, though, my adulating skills have been lacking and here is how:

Grocery shopping: I don’t eat much once I am home, so the need to go to the grocery store is small for me. For the last several weeks, I have been using Wal-Greens and/or OnCue as my primary means of grocery shopping. Wal-Greens has almonds, cereal, toilet paper, and purple Powerade. Yes, I am well aware of the mark- ups on prices at niche stores such as Wal-Greens, but it saves me from possibly being abducted from crazed Wal-Martians. (Safety first, I always say)

As for OnCue, well, this has become my produce section…I’m not proud. It is sad when the cashiers at OnCue know you not only by sight, but also by name and by debt card (mine is covered with shoes, so it’s hard to forget!) But what can I say? They have bananas and the coffee is decent. I mean, it’s not QuikTrip coffee, but it is a solid second. Okay, fine, I will admit that sometimes the Hostess’ crinkle donuts slip their way into the mix. Judge me if you must.

Basic Lawn Care: Several weeks ago I had a slight altercation with my weed eater. I fought the lawn and the lawn won. I decided after the fourth boulder (okay it was a small pebble) hit me that we were breaking up. I refused from that moment forward to ever use a weed eater again and I have held true to my word. The weeds along my back fence line are atrocious, but I am hoping soon they will be tall enough to pass as an amateur landscaping. I just have to be patient. Eventually, these weeds will die from the heat of an Oklahoma summer and I will win. You’ll see.

Homeownership: The most epic fail of my recent adulating efforts regard the second garbage receptacle. Post-breakup from the weed eater, I emptied grass clippings into a garbage can that I keep on the side of the house. For all you non-locals reading this, Oklahoma had a monsoon-like spring season with record breaking wind gusts and rainfall. At some point during the storms, the lid to the garbage can came open and rain filled the container to the top. I was the proud owner of 40 gallons of soaked, dead grass, a booming mosquito farm, and the most horrid smell one can imagine. Being a problem-solver at heart, I evaluated my options on how to empty this foaming mess (yes, there was a layer of foam…I don’t want to know why…). The container was too heavy to move, which eliminated basically all my options on where I could wheel this thing to dump it. So, I had no choice but to tip it over and hold my breath. I am happy to report it is now empty, cleaned out, and dry. And any day now the smell should subside!

So, yeah. Adulting is hard sometimes. I have seen many memes regarding the subject and I agree with the conclusion that as adults, we should be allowed a pass here and there…as well as a fort for coloring, snacking and napping.

Thank you reading!

Make today sparkle, guys and gals!


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