My Hair Don’t Care

I like changing my hair color and styles and I firmly believe it is a girl’s prerogative to choose her hair. I keep my hair light in the spring/summer and dark in the fall/winter. As a girl who has been blonde, brunette and a ginger, I would like to share some observations (and pictures!) of my experiences. Recently – after becoming blonde again for the umpteenth time from brunette – someone said “goodbye to the artificial intelligence” and yeah. That pissed me off something fierce, but rather than focusing on that Asshat, I rather entertain and hopefully inspire others with the adventures of hair color. My hair don’t care and here is why…

Of all the colors I have been (and that is a LOT) I personally like being brunette the best. I have been various shades of brunette and my favorite was called “chocolate brown.” The reasons I like myself as a brunette are vain – I’ll be honest about that – I like how darker hair makes my blue eyes pop and my dark eyebrows blend. Other, more practical reasons I like being a brunette include how people treat me. When I have darker hair, I am treated with more respect. I can walk into Lowe’s or AutoZone type places and the staff members take me seriously. I also realized I do not have to justify my reasoning to others in discussions and/or debates; in fact, I am asked for my opinion more so as brunette than as a blonde. I once held a sales position with a local company and there was a notable increase in my sales once I dyed my hair darker. I did not change a single element of my sales pitch or style, I simply dyed my hair brunette and my sales nearly doubled. So my conclusion with brunettes is this: Brunettes do it better.

On the flip side of brunette is blonde. I like being blonde; it adds a little pep to my step, won’t lie! I am naturally a dark blonde. I have been dying or highlighting my hair since 1997, so it is hard for me to remember which exact shade of blonde I truly am. The main perks of having blonde hair and blue eyes are obvious: attention and power. I do receive more attention – whether positive or negative – as a blonde than I do as a brunette. People who know me know I have an upbeat and sparkly personality, so sometimes being blonde is just fitting, because blondes do know how to have fun! But with the territory of fun comes the perceived “airhead” mentality given to most blondes unjustly (reference Asshat remark earlier). I hate that part. But thankfully, today’s society is becoming more open-minded and looking past stereotypes, so not everyone thinks every blonde is an airhead, so high-five society. High-five. And to the blondes of the world, thank you. You have the most influence and supremacy; use your powers for good, not evil.

Now let’s move on to the reds…oh ginger snap! (See what I did there?!) I have not been a true red redhead. I have only added reddish tones to blonde and brunette; so technically I have been strawberry blonde and auburn. I feel mixing red with these shades creates a powerhouse of possibilities. You have the free-spirited, attention grabbing elements of blonde mixed with the daredevil attitude of red. With brunette, you combine the confident, go-get-em’ persona with the fierceness only the undertones of red can offer. Everyone wins! I do not have any notable experiences with being strawberry blonde or auburn, but I can say this…never underestimate a redhead. Ever!

I have self-dyed my hair enough to know what the numbers/letters listed next to the color description mean on the boxes …yeah. I have dyed my own hair that much and yes, that series of numbers/letters mean something! I have had my fair share of “oops” and “well that didn’t quite turn out right” results, but hey, both my grandmothers dyed their hair until the days they passed and I intend to do the same! (Love and miss you both dearly, RIP) I now trust my stylist and her alone to dye my hair. She is amazing and my current colors are not your typical box colors, but “Kendra Originals” (KO) as she calls them. Plus, I am too old and my ears are too big to wear hats in the event of an “oops” result of a self-induced dye job. Regardless of what your hair color is, own it. Nothing shines brighter than a girl with confidence and that’s a fact.

So get out there, kids! Appreciate the various shades of hair colors, forget the stereotypes, and make today sparkle!

And now The Color Wheel of Glitz…

Bombshell Blonde

Present Day Blonde
Present Day Blonde, a KO
Closest to my natural color that I remember...I think...maybe, I don't know.
Closest to my natural color that I remember…I think…maybe, I don’t know.

Now the brunettes…

The infamous Chocolate Brown
The infamous Chocolate Brown
a level 4 brunette if I remember correctly, taken 2009-10ish
a level 4 brunette if I remember correctly, darkest level I have ever tried.

Bring on reds…

loved loved loved this mix, a
loved loved loved this mix, a “KO”
oddly enough I am allergic to strawberries but can rock the color #irony
oddly enough I am allergic to strawberries but can rock the color #irony

3 thoughts on “My Hair Don’t Care

  1. Love this! I’ve also dyed my hair since middle school. Most were at home dye jobs. Like you said, some were great, others, “oops!” I’ve been brown, blonde, black, red-ish brown…I get my hair done professionally now. I must say I get better results! You look great with any color, which is hard to pull off!
    Love your blog! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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