This is How We Roll

We all know the top three topics to avoid discussing while in groups: religion, political views, and the Great Pumpkin. Other “tread lightly” topics include online password security, the Friends or Seinfeld power struggle, and of course the never ending Apple or Samsung debate. While these conversations often lead to unholy alliances and/or the end of relationships, there is another topic I feel is overlook. That would be the age old “over or under” technique one applies when restocking the toilet paper.

They claim there are two types of people in the world, the ones who drape the toilet paper over the roll and the ones who let the toilet paper hang under the roll. Now personally, I don’t care. I just replace the stupid roll with a new one; sometimes its over, sometimes its under, and sometimes the new roll is resting on top of the old, empty one. But for those of you who do care, I have taken the liberty of researching the topic. (*I’ll provide a link to support these findings at the end of the post…I gotta keep you reading…and I don’t want to be sued.)

Here is a list of advantages for both methods as well as some fun-facts:

Over the Roll


  • Easier to tear off desired number of tiles
  • Less chance of hitting the wall with your knuckles, thus gathering germs (just how big are your knuckles?!)
  • Easier to locate the end of the roll

Research claims that 70% of toilet paper enthusiasts prefer this method. These types of people are typically considered to be over-achievers, organized, and have a “take charge” mentality. For pop-culture nuts like me, the celebrity most likely to endorse the over application is none other than Jay Leno. There is a scientific formula to back this approach and its justification uses fancy science words like “kinetic” and “coefficient.”

over advantages

over science

Now, moving on to the under application…

Under the Roll


  • Less chance of unraveling in a RV or during an earthquake (given Oklahoma’s crankiness lately, this might seal the deal!)
  • Less chance of cat or small child unraveling the roll (c’mon meow)
  • Tidier appearance

You guessed it; only 30% of people use this approach. (#Math) The personality traits of these rebels include being laid back, dependable, and artistic. Your front runner as a celebrity endorser is Ann Landers. Now there is science here as well, but its formula is more simplistic and denotes that this application allows the roll to spin freely.

under advantages

under science

So there you have it, guys and gals. Knowledge is power! Form your alliances and be proud of how you roll!

Make today sparkle!

*article by Eric Mack 2011; photos provided by C/Net

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