How to Level Up in Friendship

Friendship: it has many levels and every friendship is different, but my two best friends (Cat and Thing 1) have leveled up.

Work travel is inevitable in my current career path and my upcoming adventure will total 26 days away from home. While I love traveling and exploring new cities, this particular trip will result in home sickness after about 2 weeks. So what do my darling co-workers/besties do? They provide me with a good karma bag of swag!

At the end of this post is a picture of the loot, but its contents contain:

  • A picture of the two of them (I concealed their identities to protect the innocent lol)
  • A chalk board (with chalk!!) to count down the days
  • A coloring book with a new box of crayons (yes, I color. I don’t care that I am an adult!)
  • My favorite snack, gummy bears (yeah, those won’t make it past the inbound flight)
  • A stuffed animal that looks like none other than my beloved Onyx Cat (probably my favorite thing in the whole bag!)
  • OKC Thunder pens and earrings, so that I can properly represent the best team in the NBA (damn, they know me well!!)

Needless to say, I am over the moon by their gesture and this is only one of the endless reasons why I love them to pieces.

So the moral of this post, kids, is no matter how small you think a gesture is, do it for your friend(s). Sometimes the smallest thought/remark/gift/gesture will have the biggest impact on someone’s life. Also, don’t be ashamed of coloring outside the lines.

Make today sparkle!

IMG_3788 alt

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