Crabtown Adventures

I am now over a week into my Baltimore Explorations and wanted to share my adventures with you all thus far. I try to make everything an adventure – a quest for fun – and this trip is no different. Now, it is common to have some confusion when traveling around a new place, but for me, Baltimore is the land of confusion. It wasn’t until I sat down to formulate the structure of this post until I realized just how confusing this place is to me. Without further ado, here we go:

First, there was the cheeseless pizza…

I like trying new restaurants when I travel, so I use Yelp frequently to get reviews. I wanted something simple, but familiar, so I decided on pizza. I found a cutesy-little place that delivered and they offered online ordering, so they were the winners of the great pizza search of July 2015. Somehow, I managed to order a cheese pizza without cheese. Yeah, I don’t know either. But it happened. It was delivered and it looked naked. My food expenses are compliments of my agency, so wanting to be a good steward of said funding, I ate it. It was actually pretty decent…and hey. No cheese is fewer calories, right?

By mid-week I was convinced I was being watched…

I began to question a blimp I see each day. The blimp is spotted in the same general area every day. It’s not there in the mornings, but it is always there in the early evenings when I begin my commute back to my hotel. There are not any logos or advertisements on its sides, so I propose following possibilities for its existence:

  • It is a drone spying on us
  • The aliens sent it
  • It is practicing for next Superbowl
  • It monitors traffic (refer back to option 1 and make your own conclusions…)

And here is a picture of the drone, err, traffic blimp. At least it is pretty, right?


Thankfully, by Friday I wasn’t dead…

Now this next one is embarrassing, but I don’t care, I will confess it. All week I made a left turn that sacred me each and every day. It just seemed dangerous. I assumed Baltimore drivers lived on the edge and I was just over-thinking the turn. Each day I put on my brave face, gunned it, and prayed for the best. It wasn’t until late in the week I finally realized why this terrifying left turn seemed so wrong…because it is illegal and most definitely a traffic violation (which thankfully I did not have confirmed by one of Baltimore’s finest). There is a sign and everything…I, however, did not see said sign/warning until Friday. I was making an illegal left turn all week! My little Yaris-That-Could deserves some credit for its efforts of picking up it’s skirt and hauling metal at just the right times all week.

no turn

Last, but not least, “The Creature”…

This is an ongoing mystery. On my first day here I saw a creature that looked like a fat squirrel mixed with a premature baby beaver. I have since seen the creature three additional times while out and about. I cannot get a picture of it because I am driving – and making illegal left turns, apparently – every time I see it. It is my goal to solve the mystery of The Creature before I leave. I have a few locals helping me and they have given suggestions of either a chipmunk or a muskrat. Only time will tell!

Thank you for reading and following my blog! Stay tuned for more Crabtown Adventures…oh, and, if a left turn seems life-threatening, it probably is…

Make today sparkle!

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