Crabtown Adventures – Second Edition

Another week down in my Crabtown Adventures. Due to the intensity of the training class I am attending, there wasn’t much time for exploration during the week…but that didn’t stop me. Here are my Week Two Highlights:

Thunder Up I95…

When you travel somewhere, it is always exciting to find someone who shares the same enthusiasm and love for your home team. So imagine my glitzy excitement to see a car with New York plates sporting an OKC Thunder license plate frame! I speed up my little Yaris-That-Could (which took a hot minute, trust me) to get side-by-side with my fellow Thunder fan. I give an enthusiastic thumbs up and I receive the finger in return. Keep it classy, Yankee.

Good news, I’m not a terrorist…

By now I have made friends with the gentleman guards at the Proving Grounds. It’s easy to do when you keep forgetting your super secret squirrel club membership card in your classroom. Thankfully, Oklahoma is a real state with real government issued driver’s licenses, so by midweek week they decided to scan the bar code to make sure yours truly really is that forgetful each lunch hour. After shaking his head and saying “welcome back Oklahoma,” this guard decided to scan my driver’s license for “future reference.” His lack of confidence is disheartening for our new-found friendship. He scans it and says, “good news, you’re not on the watch list. See you tomorrow.” What a character, that one…I did in fact see him the next day. I’m not proud of it.

Remember Yankee Doodle?

As I am walking though the parking lot, there it was. The New York Thunder fan’s car!! Yup! Apparently we are in the same building. All I have to say is this, Yankee Doodle…I don’t know who you are. I don’t know why you’re a grumpy cat. If you are looking for a throw down, I can tell you I’m a lover not a fighter. But what I do have is a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you…I will look for you, I will find you, and I will high-five you.

yankee doodle

I hope you’ve enjoyed the second edition of Crabtown Adventures. Stay tuned for The Glitz Takes on NYC…an adventure of epic proportions!

Keep it sparklin’ dolls!

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