Crabtown Adventures – Third Edition

Sex! Beer! Britney Spears! … Now that I (hopefully) have your attention, I’ll explain. I can’t think of a clever intro. I wrote out a few things and they all sucked – more so than this one – so here is the third edition of Crabtown Adventures. Enjoy!

I’m on a boat…

I woke Sunday morning with a New York City hangover. It is like a regular, alcohol induced hangover, but without the alcohol and with more heart burn (I blame Ray Ray’s pizza). But alas, I had a quest for fun awaiting me. I drove to Annapolis to meet friends that I lived next door to while growing up. We toured the state house, which is beautiful and has history seeping out of every corner and crack of the place. Major nerd alert status! Then we walked down to waterfront and decided to jump on a river cruise excursion. Afterwards we dined in the greatest hole-in-the-wall diner. It was tiny, the walls were cluttered with pictures and memorabilia, and they offer a 6lb milk shake in a variety of flavors. The place is called Chick & Ruth’s. They were featured on Diners and Dives, so if you ever find yourself on a Crabtown Adventure, check them out. But don’t order the milkshake. You’re not a hero.

Alice Cooper Eyes…

The bulk of my week was spent in my training class. Sadly, there were tears this week. It was bound to happen eventually, but I wiped the mascara off from under my eyes – no need to look like Alice Cooper – and got back to work. Thankfully, I didn’t have my melt down in class; I waited until I was alone in my hotel room and broke down like a champ. Being an overachiever sucks sometimes.

Granny Panty Day…

The only real adventure worthy of making this week’s highlight reel would be laundry night. I have never needed to do laundry while traveling, but that changed this week. I knew I’d be here all month, so I packed according, but unfortunately one only has so many pairs of under-roo’s. So I head down to the “laundry mat” and find the one machine not being claimed by a laundry basket or a single Cheese-It (true story). I load the washer, jump on the elliptical next door, load the dryer, work on weights, and laundry is finally done. I even found $1 in the dryer. I left it there for the next laundry-doer in hopes it would brighten his or her day. Karma, spread it around! Then it was back to the room. You haven’t lived until you walked through a hotel lobby carrying your unmentionables in a laundry basket. I planned ahead though. I put the cutest things on top…just in case.

So just another week in Crabtown for the Glitz. I am still actively searching for the owner of the NY-Thunder plates and I am still trying to identify The Creature. I have a solid lead on the mystery blimp, but want to do some research first. The more you know!

Keep it sparkly, kids.

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