Find My iSanity – The Worst 48

Life isn’t always glitz and sparkles. The last 48 hours have been a true test of my character…and sanity. Some of you assume nothing bad ever happens to me – because my posts are always “too positive” – so here’s a glimpse…

In the last 48 hours I have:

  • Been pulled over for speeding
  • Told my corporate travel card was declined
  • Lost someone on my favorites list
  • Had some Wasband drama
  • Hit in the head with a metal ring from the top of the standing/support pole of an airport tram
  • Realized I was on the wrong airport tram
  • Had my satellite radio unexpectedly disconnected (well played…)
  • Discovered I left my iPad on the plane
  • Found BS in some BS online; the force is strong with that one.

So yeah. It’s been rough kids. At this point, I am just laughing…not sure if it’s from humor or delirium, but I am laughing. When it rains, it pours, and how you choose to react is what determines whether the rain becomes a shower or a storm.

Thankfully, I am surround by a solid group of friends that help soften some of these blows. There has been Chinese food, delivered ice cream, and hiliarious memes. My friends are amazing and when times get tough, they get tougher. Let’s turn these sprinkles into sparkles…

 Umbrellas up! Bring it on.

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