The More You Know

I certainly do not know it all and a recent article affirms this. We have all read my “Adulting” post (hint, hint) and we have all read my “I’m Cheap, Easy, and Cheesy” post (hint, hint, hint) so we are all aware that sometimes I may not adult well and that I wasn’t aware that one could purchase Gingerale at almost any food retailer until an embarrassing age. But today, I read an article that blows my mind…its one of those discoveries where you realize that after 31 years you have been doing it wrong. The. Whole. Time.

Ladies, we all have at least one pair of earrings that has a circular, plastic back; but did you know that you are actually supposed to remove that plastic disc from the clasp? I certainly did not! A woman by the name of Chelsea Smith recently realized this life altering revelation herself, tweeted it, and now it has gone viral. As a fellow fashionista, I am doing my part by furthering this celebration of knowledge. Here is a link to the BuzzFeed article:

Something I found interesting was a comment from another reader. She informed those on the thread that the plastic backing can serve a purpose if left attached to the clasp. If the earring is too heavy, this backing provides support and keeps the earring from “tipping.” Furthermore, the disk itself is actually called a supportive backing and not the “plastic thingy” as most would say. A few other women agreed with this and that is when the debates soared.

So there you have it, kids. The more you know…

Make today sparkle!


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