Sunday Funday

I hate summer’s heat. It makes for a cranky Glitz. I am more of a fall and winter kind of gal. During the summer months I tend to keep a vampire’s schedule; I only leave the house when it’s dark outside. The sun is the enemy. I map out my path according to the proximity of shade or oscillating fans. So when I am woke to the sound of another heat advisory on my phone, I knew I was in for a “treat” on this Sunday Funday. But that’s okay, because in true Glitz fashion, I make my own fun.


Now, I’m a firm believer that if you change your thoughts you can change your world, which is why I and one of my best friends bought an inflatable kiddie pool early in the summer.  Yes, a kiddie pool. It’s glorious! It’s large enough for two or three grown adults to stretch out comfortably and it is deep enough that you’re submerged in the water. The best part? It’s 3D. Yup. The designs along the sides “come to life” when you wear the included 3D goggles. The dancing fish gave us the idea of accessorizing the pool. A kiddie pool isn’t complete without rubber duckies, so we bought a 12 pack. Now it’s a party!  It’s the perfect set up, really. You’re in a pool, you’re day drinking (if you’d like, if not that’s cool too), you’re in a judgement-free zone with your pals, and iTunes or Pandora is on shuffle. We were so pleased with ourselves that we bought two additional kiddie pools for guests and as backups.  We have BYOP parties now. And just last week we leveled up…we added bath salts to the water. Who says you can’t multitask while you relax?


Owning a kiddie pool has made me realize that there are two types of people in the summertime. Those who hear of this idea and can’t wait to get in on the fun, or those who think this idea is lame. If you are the latter, you can’t sit with us. #MeanGirls  If you’re one of the cool kids, come on over. There’s plenty of pools for everyone 🙂 Some of my favorite days this summer have been spent in the pool talking about life, eating snacks, listening to music, laughing, and at times napping. It’s a backyard oasis of the simplest kind. 

Have a happy Sunday Funday, guys and gals! Make your own fun and make sure it sparkles!

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