Thinking Spot and the Mystery Lens

We all have a thinking spot; some ponder life’s nuisances while trying to fall asleep – good luck with that – some think during a daily commute, while others have legit spots in a garden or atop a porcelain throne.  Regardless of your spot, we all have one. Mine is in the shower and I’m not embarrassed to admit that. So there I am in my thinking spot, solving the world’s problems, when I notice an intruder.

I look down at the floor of my shower and notice a contact lens. I wear contacts daily, so my first assumption was, “Hmph. That’s going to throw off my lens ratio”… But then I realized I could still see. I check each eye and yup, both contacts are in place. So now my attention is focused solely on this uninvited contact lens, because to my knowledge, I am the only one who has been in this shower (it’s okay, I knew what you were thinking).

I don’t know where this mystery lens came from, but it’s interrupting my thinking spot. It’s perplexing. I have left it where it lies in the event the owner comes to retrieve it or it washes down the drain, whichever comes first! But seriously, I don’t know. The 4-W’s of problem solving are not of any help. My surveillance camera just shows my cat doing her cat things and I don’t know how to test for DNA. So here are my conclusions: someone is breaking into my home to use the facilities, NSA is getting sloppy, or my cover as an IMF agent is blown. Sure, it could be mine, but then that starts the question of how it got into the shower and that storyline isn’t nearly as fun.

…this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds…so make today sparkle! 

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