Perception Punches




a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

synonyms: insight, perceptiveness, percipience, perspicacity, understanding, sharpness, sharp-wittedness, intelligence, intuition, cleverness, incisiveness, trenchancy, astuteness, shrewdness, acuteness, acuity, discernment, sensitivity, penetration, thoughtfulness, profundity; formalperspicuity


Now that we have the vocabulary lesson wrapped up, let’s venture into my glitzy mind and I will explain. Lately, I have been reflecting on words of encouragement and tokens of wisdoms given to me by a wide array of my peeps. It has been a remarkable year thus far, both negatively and positively. I have learned to navigate through all sorts of emotions, adventures, and scenarios; and I could not have done it without some key words floating around my snow globe. I have taken the last few days to compile “The Gltiz’s Top 5 Perception Punches” in terms of words of encouragement. Most of these are recent, but two of them were shared with me years ago and they still pack a punch. 

I am sharing these in hopes to inspire or help someone else who might need to hear these words. Without further ado, here are the top 5 perception punches that I keep with me:

5) “Afterlife” by Avenge Sevenfold – from BS 2015

Anyone close to me knows my passion for music and lyrics. A close friend of mine sent me a link to this song, because it saved him after his divorce and he wanted me to have it as well. He couldn’t have picked a more perfect song for me to relate to and I was/still am touched he shared a song he holds so close to him to help me with my own pain. So thank you, friend. You nailed it.

4) “Put that shit on cruise control and let it ride.” – from AC 2015

These words were texted to me by a friend and co-worker. I was rambling on about feeling anxious and I said something along the lines of “I don’t know what to do” and that was her response. I have never been more inspired and calmed by profanity! I took a screen shot of the text bubble and printed it out. It’s that important to me. You thought you were just being funny, but you gave me a new mantra for coping with anxiety.

3) “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” – from my sister 2002

You guessed it! Those are more song lyrics but they are from “Closing Time” by SemiSonic (not Thrid Eye Blind). My sister wrote that in my high school graduation card in 2002. I was bombarded with all sorts of unsolicited advice about what to do with my life, where to go to college, what career to pick, etc. and my sister knew exactly what to say with the least amount of words. I remember tearing up when I read it and her winking at me. I still have that card 🙂

2) “Well…you never wanted a dog.” – from RF 2015

One of my closest and truest friends spoke these words to me when I was throwing myself a pity party. A guy I had developed feelings for ultimately did not share in my enthusiasm about the idea of us being a couple. I was whining to my friend, “but he was becoming my best friend. And now he’s gone. I feel like my dog died…” Without missing a beat, that was her response. Her words really helped me see the situation differently. I wrote those words on a post-it, stuck it to my wall, and read it every time I felt the pity party starting back up. She knows me well and she is the best!!

And the moment you have all been reading for…see what I did there?!…The #1 spot goes to my mother and the writers of “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”

1) “You can never be jello.” – my amazing mother 2005 to the end of time!

My mother and I love quoting movies to each other, so it was no surprise that after I experienced by first, real heartbreak in 2005 that my mom would use this line to cheer me up. She still occasionally uses this line to remind me that I can’t be ordinary nor was I meant to be ordinary. Thanks, mama! Your words help me remember I am who I am and that I need to stop apologizing or “tone it down” because someone can’t handle me. I am proud of my glitzy extreme and thank you for reminding me of that when I forget.

The point is – guys and gals – perception. Sometimes you just need to hear the right words from the right person at the right time for the light bulb to spark. Advice doesn’t need to be overly profound, rhyme, or be “motivational poster” ready. No. Advice/encouragement needs to be heartfelt, of course, but mostly it needs to be simple. These are the words that help me! They are simple, silly, and unconventional, but these phrases and the people who spoke them to me will always hold a special place in my heart and my mind. 

Thanks for reading and as always, make today sparkle!

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