Thunder Struck Down

I don’t math. But I can solve this equation: (shoe lover + Thunder fan)The Glitz = Glitzy Thunder Shoes.

I own many pairs of Thunder shoes. I have proudly worn Thunder heels designed by HerStar since 2010. Every time HerStar released a new style of Thunder shoes, I bought them – without hesitation – no questions asked. It was a serious “shut up and take my money” purchase each time.

Last night, I witnessed an injustice. There I am in Loud City and then there she is… the woman on the Thunder’s community video wearing the shoes. Yes, I realize in order to make a profit Her Star made more than one pair; but that’s not the point. I am the one who brought these shoes to life in OKC…

Granted, she is just wearing the first generation suede pair, not the blinged out 4″ pair (see picture, which has been retweeted by the designer/owner of HerStar, just saying) and certainly not the 6″ crystal pair…both of which I also own. And I highly doubt she has the open-toe leather flats, but I do.

her star retweet

She was also wearing a jacket (a cute leather jacket, to her credit) which tells me she wore these beauties pre-playoffs. Clearly, she doesn’t realize there is an order to the Thunder heel wearing system. You only wear the suede pair towards the end of the season or when the Thunder have a rival in town…perhaps that was her play? I’ll never know, but back to the system explanation…then as the Men in Blue progress through the playoffs, you up the ante with the more blinged out, 4” pair. When they reach the Finals, full on 6” crystal heels are the only acceptable footwear. Everyone knows that…

Perhaps I am jealous. Or maybe I feel conflicted because she and I are obviously meant to be friends and I have no idea who she is and vice versa. The struggle is real. So I will leave you with little mantra: Keep your head, your heels, and your standards high. Also, THUNDER UP!

Make today sparkle!

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