Holy exploding Death Star, Batman

To continue on my Seasoned Blockbuster Mission, I recently began an adventure in a galaxy far, far away. That’s right, nerds. I started watching Star Wars!

And holy exploding Death Star, Batman…

Episode IV – A New Hope. It was good! Granted, I started my Star Wars adventure with having some working knowledge, so some of the characters and plot twists were not brand new to me. I liked eIV enough and it was nice finally seeing the scenes that reference several quotes I have always heard; the most important one obviously being, “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for; “ the force is strong with this one;” and my new, personal favorite, “aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?

What I found most interesting about eIV was Princess Leia and my overwhelming likeness to her. I take Buzzfeed quizzes frequently and every Star Wars themed quiz says I am Leia. Now, I see why. We both are clearly a princess (duh!), who is stubborn, capable of doing it herself, has a smart mouth, legendary great hair, and is easily distracted by cute boys. I like her and I like her quickness to shut down pet-names that are stupid, like your worship, honeybuns, bae, or whatever. eIV also helped me realize my love for R2D2. He is my lil’ lovebot!

And as it turns out, Harrison Ford is not Obi-Wan Kenobi. Who knew?! You probably did, but not me, not until I watched eIV and discovered Harry is actually the character Han Solo. I have heard of Han Solo, but never in my glitzy mind made the connection that this character is portrayed by Harrison Ford. I also like this character. In my humble, new-to-Star-Wars-so-hear-me-out opinion, he has the best one liners. My favorites so far being, “never tell me the odds” and “what’re you looking at? I know what I’m doing.” As for good, ole Ben Obi-Wan, meh. I understand he is a vital character and – as far as I am aware – the only character who’s truly “one with the force,” but meh. I’m sure I will be “seeing” him again in upcoming episodes.

So that brings us to episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. Wow! It wasn’t until this episode that my understanding and appreciation of Darth Vader grew. He is – to say the least – impressive, most impressive. Of all the Star Wars references I knew, the majority of them come from eV and Vader; it’s all too easy to like him…who else can force choke, force deflect, and use telepathy while lightsabering like an evil, dark sided boss? And SPOILER ALERT Star Wars virgins, Vader doesn’t say “Luke” before delivering the most infamous line in Star Wars history, “I…am your father.” The more you know! If you’re not with Vader, I find your lack of faith disturbing. So in conclusion, Darth Vader – your galaxy’s original bad boy.

If the dark side is a bit too intense for you or perhaps your moral compass is attracted to more of a blueish-green lightsaber, have no fear. eV brings you Yoda and teach you, he will! Watching eV was the first time I have watched Yoda. Sure, I have seen video clips of him, knew he speaks with an inverted verb sentence structure, but I have never actually watched his character in full until now. If you don’t like Yoda on some level, something is wrong with you. Seriously, seek help.

Next up is episode VI – The Return of the Jedi. As much as I would love to entertain you further with my Star Wars learnings and opinions, I cannot. I pressed play on the remote and that is the last thing I remember about eVI. I fell asleep. Apparently, the force wasn’t with me last night. But I will watch it tonight, because do or do not, there is no try!

Thanks for reading, kids…May the Glitz be with you.


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