Pillow Talk

I am not a morning person. It takes me a good 2-3 hours before I am ready to converse and act human. Those nearest and dearest to me know this about me and proceed accordingly when around me in the mornings. As a non-morningperson, one phrase I hate hearing is “someone didn’t get up on the right side of the bed.” …Really? That is the worst thing to ever say to a non-morning person. You are jeopardizing your safety and/or relationship with that person. Just saying. The logical side of my brain tells me that this is just a colloquialism, but the literal side of my brain asks, “so what is the right side of the bed?” And that’s what we are going to discuss, guys and gals.

You can take “the right side of the bed” as just that – literally – the right-hand side of your bed. Now, my bed is open on either side, so I have a choice of tumbling out on the left or right side. I sleep in the center –diagonally I might add – so theoretically both sides have an equal chance each morning. I normally opt left; I am left-handed, so that makes sense). However, on occasion, I do exit on the right. No real theories as to why; I guess I just like to keep my room on its toes and confuse the cat. I’d like to note my level of enthusiasm to be awake doesn’t seem to change regardless of the side I pick, but alas…let’s move on.

That brings us to the analytical meaning behind the “right side of the bed.” To do this, you have to think of the antaynom  of the word “right” and replace it with “wrong.” I began my research by asking Siri. She didn’t know, so she referred me to the almighty Google.
Google knew. Google always knows…

One site gave me a tidbit of information saying that this popular idiom is an expression alluding to an ancient superstition that is it considered bad luck to put one’s left foot down first. Hmmm. Well that is certainly bad news for lefties like myself. Another site referenced a different, but similar, superstition that to get out of bed on the left side – the sinister side – led to bad luck. Insert the opening theme music to Unsolved Mysteries here…goose bumps, right? Caesar thought so too, as many biographies tell us he was careful to leave his bed on the right-hand side…as memory serves me, believing this superstition didn’t work out so well for Caesar. Just imagine the alternate universe we could be living in if Caesar got out of bed on the left side?? Mind. Blown.

So there you have it. The wrong/right side of the bed is always on the left apparently. Perhaps there is a correlation to me not being a morning person and my left side bed departures every morning. Or maybe it just takes more time for all this glitz to fire up! It’s a matter of perspective 🙂

Keep it shinin’ kids! Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. Dexter, as in dexterity, is the Latin word for right. Right side, not to be confused with right/correct. Sinister is the Latin word for left. Left side, not to be confused with left behind, etc. This is believed to be because the dagger was stored under the left arm of the toga, with all of its sinister intentions.


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