Berry Dumb

The following content might be disturbing and unsuitable for small children.
It all started about a month ago when I ran out of my daily vitamin. I went grocery shopping and decided that gummy vitamins were worth a whirl. This was a huge mistake. The recommended dosage of these gummy vitamins is two gummies, but I always want more.but I can’t have more, because that’s bad for you. So every day I was craving gummy bears. I caved after a few days and bought little snack packs of fruit snacks, because they were a twofer.I would satisfy my gummy cravings and they were a healthier alternative to actual gummy bears.
Now, I fancy myself as someone with high intelligence. I’m not a rocket scientist, but I am a smart cookie. The last two weeks I have felt off, ill even. My stomach was uneasy, crampy (not those cramps), and I was getting a lot of dull headaches. My skin felt itchy and my digestive track was angry (sorry if that’s TMI). Last night, I was enjoying another snack pack of my fruit snacks and I started reading the nutritional information. I moseyed on down to the ingredients and there it was.the red beacon of death, the Devil’s fruit, the only thing on this planet that can destroy me.strawberry. The third ingredient listed? Strawberry puree.

I know you have read my blog “I’m Cheap, Easy, and Cheesy,” so you already know two important things about me: my love of gummy bears and my strawberry food allergy. It all made perfect sense. I have slowly been poisoning myself for the last two weeks!! Granted, this poisoning was unintentional. I am well aware of my food allergy – not a deadly allergy, but still an allergy – so I typically read ingredients on fruit related foods and drinks. I do not know why I didn’t this time. I guess in my glitzy, gummy-crazed mind I was thinking only of the artificial flavoring of gummy bears, not fruit snacks.which are made with real fruit. The more you know!

So, not my proudest moment and certainly not the brightest idea I have ever had. I am happy to report that I am now 24 hours fruit-snack- free and I am almost out of the gummy vitamins. I am clearly not ready for that kind of commitment.

Thanks for reading, hope you had a giggle, and your day sparkles!

And for your refreshing…

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