Just Add Glitter

You’ve heard of the Vegas Bomb, the Irish Car Bomb, and actual bomb-bombs, but have you heard of the greatest bomb in all the land?

I am talking about the bomb that changes everything…my self-made Glitter Bomb shot, which I dubbed “The Glitz.”

Roughly one month ago, I challenged myself to create an edible gift for someone. I knew this Gent fancied his liquor and mixology, so I followed suite. I wanted to create a drink that was representative of my personality. It needed sparkle. It needed a wow factor. It needed class and it most certainly needed sass. So what concoction combines all that?? Goldschlager and Red Bull…it gives you sparkly wings.

But that recipe has been done (and is called the Glitter Bomb, trust me. I Googled it). So I added a Glitzy twist…edible glitter. But guess what? It’s nearly impossible to find edible glitter. I checked Target, Wal-Mart, local bakeries, and sex shops. Yes, sex shops. There I found lots of edible substances – some of which I don’t want to know where and how to use – but no edible glitter. Thankfully, Amazon Prime to the rescue.

So here’s the recipe, kids! Mix equal parts Goldschlager and Red Bull and top with edible glitter. That’s it!

Mix it, shot it, and be fabulous…But please sparkle responsibly!

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