The Real Coffee Creatures of Houston County

Once you have temporarily resided in the same central Georgian county more than 3 times, you’ve pretty much experienced every possible, worthwhile adventure. In true Glitz fashion, I made my own fun on my last work sponsored adventure and I met some interesting “people.”

There are 4 time zones, 8 regions, 16 territories, and 50 states in the land that I love, but I am only sent to the same location…Every. Time. So what ele can I do but make my own fun? I present to you…

~ The Real Coffee Creatures of Houston County ~

Greetings! I am Sergio!

First we have Sergio. He is the first of his kind. He wakes up with a smile, dresses to impress, and takes the day on headstrong. Many folk like Sergio; how could you not?! He is well respected in the community and striving to achieve that big promotion at the local bank. He’s going places!



They call me Space Cowboy, but you can call me Maurice.

Then we have Maurice. This friendly fella has a flare for the dramatic, a sense of adventure, and an eye (well, he does when you use your imagination) for fashion. This ladies’ man loves to travel and capture scenic memories through his old-school camera. He sees the world differently and hopes to one day set the Guinness Book of World Records for the most complied collections in NatGeo.



I’m Marilyn, pleasure to meet your acquaintance.

My personal favorite is Marilyn. This posh lady is a beacon of class. You will never see her undone or without lipstick. She believes – as do I – that a real lady can do anything a man can do, but in heels. Don’t let her girly flare fool you; she is a firecracker! She carries herself with grace and wears waterproof mascara so you will never see her cry.




Last but not least, Karlton…with a K. Hipster to the max! He marches to the beat of his Beats, which is on a continuous shuffle, but mainly indie folk rock. His ‘stache is well-known and he is a rising star in the statewide Barista Brew-Off’s, where his Karlton Koolie is sure to take 1st place. Karlton wants to change the world and be a game changer. He also enjoys poetry in park, being won with nature, and wearing glasses to make himself look less like society’s ideal of beauty.


So there you have it, guys and gals. Coffee Creatures, also known as the Glitz’s boredom gone wild. Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to vote for Sergio in the next city council election!

Make it sparkle!

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