Personally Victimized 

It happened…the moment that simultaneously causes women dread and cosmetic companies rejoice. I didn’t exactly feel dreed – more of a “oh, so this happened” mentality – but the discovery did cause me to reflect on my life and my choices.

What happened, you ask? Well, I noticed my first wrinkle. Yup! I have a wrinkle. I named her Regina. Why Regina? Because of Regina George from Mean Girls. You want to hate her, but you can’t. You find her beautiful, yet ugly; she’s endearing, yet exhausting. And mostly because I slightly feel personally victimized.

Regina is on the bridge of my nose, between my eye brows. I am not even about it. Why? Because when I laugh I crinkle my nose; this lovely crease is just proof that I have laughed a lot. Also, getting a wrinkle is a rite of passage. It shows you have grown, leveled up, or even possibly matured. “Have I matured that much?” I asked myself and that is what shook my snow globe.

With only 12 days remaining until my Double Three’s, I started thinking about how I have changed. I compiled a short list for your reading pleasure:

1: Thumb Tacks: I no longer use these friendly fellas to hang pictures or décor.

2: Décor! I actually have décor.

3: Sewing: I no longer staple, glue, or use Scotch tape to fix a broken hem or slight snag in clothing. I have a wonderful tailor, named Mr. Lu.

4: Cooking: When I cook, my recipes are no longer found on the side of a box.

5: Cereal: Okay, nothing has changed there. Lucky Charms are still my favorite.

6: Appetite: I traded in my pizza rolls for sushi rolls.

7: Changing the toilet paper roll…still a work in progress, but improvement has been made.

8: Automotive Care: I haven’t bent or cracked a rim since 2006.

9: Handbags. I no longer carry handbags shaped like giant lips, a bustier, or with fringe, faux-fur, or denim.

And last, but certainly not least…

10: Coffee: Hold the coco, gimme espresso.

So there you have it. How I have grown from a little g to a big G…from glitter to Glitz. Sure it’s a random, oddball list of things most find irrelevant, but for me this list represents how I have from grown throughout the years. I look forward to 44, 55, and even 66, to see how I have changed, grown, and matured. Age is what you make of it. Enjoy it, whatever the number might be. And I wish you a face full of lavish wrinkles that represent your journey’s happiness!

I hope General Mills still make Lucky Charms in 2049…

Thanks for reading and make today sparkle!


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