I Should Be So Plucky

Since I was a tiny Glitz, there was always one physical characteristic about myself that always helped me stand out. My left eyebrow is higher than my right eyebrow, especially when I smile. I call it my “Ashley Judd Brow,” because before Ms. Judd started “aging gracefully,” she and I had shared high arches on our left sides. As I became a bigger Glitz, my AJB teamed up with my RBF and it was a match made in heaven…only there was/is one slight problem…my AJB when accompanied with my RBF highly irritates my OCD. 

Okay, enough acronyms! My uneven brows have always bothered me. I do not wax my brows or have them professional shaped; I am old school in that I will tweeze them myself. I have been plucking, shaping, and reshaping my brows for a good 20 years now. Yet it seems no matter how I try to achieve symmetry, my left brow’s arch is always higher. Don’t get me wrong, I love my eyebrows and will never honestly admit to how much time I spend on preparing them during my morning makeup routine, but the asymmetry does bother me.

The difference in height is mostly noticeable in pictures when I am cheesing it up – which tells me facial muscles must have some play is this – or when I am overly tired. It wasn’t until today when I researched other potential reasons as to why some people have one brow higher than the other that I found a more scientific explanation. Truth be told, it’s scientific-ish. How serious can an article be when words like “fleek” are used as verbs?

Anyway, the reason some people have asymmetry is in fact because of different muscle movement. The article I read suggested that the side with the “low brow” is usually on the the sides the face the person sleeps on. Over time, the elasticity of that side of the face becomes weaker. Another reason might because you raise one eyebrow in facial expressions more so than the other, thus making one muscle less toned. From my preliminary recon, there isn’t a medical condition or any kind of cool, superhero-like genetic mutation that causes one overly high arch. To quote one of my best friends, it is what it is.

I read a few other articles (with less fleek usage) and all of them agree to point…muscles. It’s all about the muscles. So my options are either do more eye brow raises to beef up my face, get Botox injections, flip over every 15 minutes or so while sleeping, or keep mastering the art of makeup. I opt to keep mastering the makeup routine…after all, I wouldn’t be me without my AJB and brow arches are sisters, not twins. It is the little imperfections that makes our beauty unique. And life is okay for Ashely Judd, so there’s that.

Thanks for reading!

And please remember to tweeze responsibly.

One thought on “I Should Be So Plucky

  1. You make my day with your comments.
    After hearing about your new-found predicament, I think it can also be considered hereditary. Really. Why? Because as your mother, I have the same issue as well as your sister. And, I tend to roll over all-night-long so one would assume my facial muscles are being exercised equally, but not so 😦
    Thank you for your insight. I miss your articles and hope to see more adventures online soon.
    Love you so much, Mama


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