It’s funny how time both flies by yet slowly inches on at the same time. I lost my grandmother 14 years ago today and that was my first experience with losing a loved one. I remember every detail of that day as if it were yesterday, but time tells me it’s deep in my past. 

This time warp is at times confusing, yet celebratory. Aching, yet comforting. Time is exciting and scary. It’s definable…what happens on what day, at what hour, in which year, etc. But it’s also unknown…how long will it take, how much time is left, is this the best or worst time, etc. 

I reflect on her warmth and her kindness and celebrate her life on this day while simultaneously continuing to creating my own life. 14 years have passed and I have mostly healed, but not fully. Her memeory keeps my heart full, yet her absence is what keeps me partially heartbroken. Again, time…Time heals all pain, but it takes time. 

Time. The most conflicting element. Today, take the time, give someone your time, and remember the times where you feel you have nothing but time.

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