One Hundred Sixty Six Degrees

You know its summer time in Oklahoma when…

  1. You can’t leave anything in your car without it melting, anything.
  2. There’s a statewide burn ban.
  3. You start noticing tumble weeds blowing across intersections.
  4. TV and radio personalities remind you to check on children, pets, and the elderly. In fact, local stations switch to their “JV Team” of meteorologist.
  5. Your makeup melts off your face.
  6. Weather apps and forecasts include the temperature and a “feels like” temperature to properly represent the humidity’s impact (Hell. It feels like Hell.)
  7. Your flip flops don’t flip and they certainly don’t flop. They are fusing to the blacktop as you walk.
  8. Blowing drying your hair with a hair dryer feels the same as going outside on a hot, windy day.
  9. Bumper stickers become easier to remove (…maybe that’s a positive?).
  10. Traffic accidents increase due to drivers being too afraid to fully grip the steering wheel and fully sit on their leather seat after letting their car sit outside.

But at the end of the day…the a/c “catches up,” our sunsets are beautiful, and it’s not so hot that garbage cans melt and our airport shuts down.

If you’d like to donate to Phoenix’s Heat Relief fund…nah. Let them handle it. “It’s a dry heat.” 🙂 Only 166 days until winter. Stay strong, kids.


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