Winner Winner No More

Over the last few months, I have eagerly been watching a new fast food restaurant being built near my office. Its location is perfect for a quick pick-up during my lunch hour on a cheat day and I was filled with excitement on the possibilities of what it might be. Dare I dream of Taco Bueno?! Jimmy Johns? Something with a decent salad option?! Or even a new MAZZIOS?!? As the walls grew higher, the bricks received their paint color, and the building began to take its final shape, my list of hopefuls came crashing down with the excess construction debris. The new, perfectly located, quick-and-easy lunch time option will be none other than just ANOTHER chicken place.

Don’t get me wrong, I eat chicken. I eat grilled or rotisserie chicken almost daily for dietary purposes, so when it comes to eating out and having a cheat day meal I don’t want chicken. I mean it! I really, really don’t want chicken. The food industry is flooded with chicken options right now and I just don’t understand the hype. Let’s list the most common places in the metro, shall we? First and foremost, there is the original, the Colonel of fast food chicken, KFC. Then we also have Chicken Express, Popeyes Louisiana Chicken, Golden Chick, Church’s Chicken, Zaxby’s, Slim Chickens, and Raising Cane’s (which is by far the most over rated in my chicken-eating opinion). You could even add Chick-fil-a to the list, because they do after all specialize in chicken, but not on Sundays. And let’s not forget the number of Ma & Pa shops that claim to have the best fried chicken in the South (the actual best comes from my mother’s kitchen, btw). But we’ve gone too far, America! We don’t have to listen to the Chick-fil-A cows and “eat mor chikin.” We just don’t.

Well, that pretty much sums up this rant. Perhaps I am just hangry. Maybe I miss the days of being able to eat whatever I want – especially beef and carbs – whenever I want. Or maybe I am just that upset that my potential new Bueno isn’t going to be muy bueno at all, but just. another. chicken. place.

no more chicken


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