Let Them Eat Cake

There are 365 days in a calendar year. In any given year there are several days that are significant or worthy of celebration, but outside of family events, anniversaries, and traditional holidays, two particular dates are stand out to me. Those dates are Julian dates 122 and 305, or better known on the Gregorian calendar as May 2nd and November 2nd.   These two dates are my half-birthday and my birthday!

I never celebrated my half-birthday until I met a darling friend around 2004 named Chelsea who introduced the idea to me. She told me it was her half birthday (December 10th) and I thought to myself “what a crazy fun idea!” In a later conversation I mentioned it to my Pops and he said he has been celebrating his half birthday (January 2nd) for years! Where have I been?!

So why don’t more people celebrate their half-birthdays? Probably because highly creditable, fake-news contributing sites like Wikipedia point out the “controversy” of the fun, quoting that those who celebrate half-birthdays – people like myself or my Pops – contribute to the “spoiling of children” and the “social one-upping” associated with the idea, calling half-birthdays “ludicrous” all together. Well the idea can’t be that crazy if three children’s books have been written and there is a calculation on how to find your own half birthday on the same site! But I don’t have children and my Pops and I didn’t start celebrating my half-birthday until I was 21, and therefore no longer a “child,” so HA! Jokes on you Wiki.

I typically celebrate my half-birthday with half of a fancy cupcake or with a sweet treat my loving husband brings home for me…and if he wants to surprise me with a small gift from my Amazon wish list, I am not going to stop him! Gift giving is my love-language after all 🙂 If that makes me spoiled and ludicrous, then so be it. When you have a fall birthday and then Christmas is right behind it, the year feels really long when there are no special “let’s celebrate you and love” days in between, so for me that’s what a half-birthday is all about. It’s a fun day! Now I wouldn’t be surprised if some special snowflake out there takes a half-birthday to the extreme, and if he/she does, then who are we are to blow out their candles? Let them eat cake. It’s their half-birthday! It’s all in good fun.

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Want to know when your half-birthday is? It’s easy! Just add (or subtract) 6 months to your birthday. But for those of you who want the precise date and for those of you saying “Whoa, now! What about leap year?” add (or subtract) half the number of days in a year to your birth date. That number is 182.5 for the common year or 183 for leap years (this method would lead to a March 1 or February 29 half-birthday for an August 30 birthday, depending on whether it’s a leap year).

You’re welcome and happy half celebrating 🙂

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