Dirty Pores No More

It’s amazing what you don’t know, but you think you know. What’s crazier is what you assume to know, but didn’t actually think to know! I recently received a tidbit of knowledge that rocked my girl world and while my blog isn’t dedicated to tutorials or makeup, my mind was so blown, I wanted to share. I will provided an upfront disclaimer that will allow all non-makeup wearing individuals the option to stop reading, because this entry won’t blow your skirts up. But if it does, that’s great! Because it’s 2018 and that’s okay now…

mind blown

Over the last weekend, I visited a makeup studio to have my makeup done for a concert. Part of the service is a “mini-facial” where the artist consults you on your skin care routines (aka up-selling their skin care line). During my consultation she asks what makeup remover I use before cleansing my face and I reply, “aren’t they all same?” and as it turns out, no! They are not all the same. She then schooled me on some knowledge that I feel I should have known. I feel in my 34 years of life I should have figured this out roughly 20+ years ago, but I never took the time to think it through, but c’est la vie.

There is a huge difference between makeup remover and facial cleanser. Yup. They do completely different things. Okay sure, they both essentially remove stuff but their fundamental purposes are completely different. There are two types of girls in this world…those who will take it off and those who don’t…so whether you are a good girl and take off your makeup before cleansing, or you are dirty pore and punish your skin by skipping the removing process, you should always, always, always, always, remove your makeup before washing your face with a bona fide facial cleanser. Why, you ask? If you don’t, you are basically just massaging your makeup into your pores while you think you are “cleaning” your face. Not only that, but you are also using twice as much – if not more – product to remove the excess makeup that shouldn’t even be there! You’re just wasting it! Plus, if you’re pushing makeup, dirt, oil, and other unflattering chemicals into your abused pores, the cleansing products aren’t actually penetrating your pores to cleanse them like intended. You’re just surface cleaning your face…like Clorox wiping down your bathroom before company arrives. It’s not really clean! I did, however, verify that using makeup remover wipes do count and you can use those before using a facial cleanser. My consultant may have called it “lazy,” but I say “work smart, not hard.”

Maybe you’re reading this and you already knew this. Good for you and your clean face. Or perhaps you’re like me and this is the first time you have stopped to think about the difference between the two products and you feel shame. It’s okay. You are not alone. You may have been a dirty pore yesterday, but that was yesterday. Today you can be clean!

Thanks for reading! I hope your face is glowing and your day is shiny!



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