Wife Hack

For whatever reason, girls lose a lot of hair…everywhere it seems, but mostly in the shower. I recently removed a rather impressive clog from the shower drain. I opted to remove the clog myself because I figured A) I am female, hear me roar, and B) I knew it was my hair clogging the drain, so I might as well clean up my own mess. I was so impressed by the mass of this clog, I was more or less bragging to my Shadow Mom the next day at work. She then did what moms typically do best, and dropped a knowledge bomb on me that rocked my world. I am now doing what I do best and sharing it with you as a “wife hack.”

Shadow Mom – name changed to protect the not so innocent – tells me that there is no need to unclog drains anymore! Not because “we have a husbands for that” (again, we are females, we roar!) but because there is no need for the hair to go down the drain at all. All you gotta do is collect your hair, roll it up, and slap that non-sense to the side of the shower wall. Stop shaming it down the drain! Then after you’re finished showering, toss the hair that doesn’t care to stay with you in the garbage can. Viola! No more clogged drains!

Work smart, not hard! And keep on sparkling my friends!


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