9 Lives

She was a part of me. When I was 21-years-old, I adopted a kitten who was the second to last kitten left of her brothers and sisters in a Wal-Mart shopping cart. She was tiny. Black. And had the greenest eyes I ever saw on a cat. Her whiskers were too big for her face and her bushy tail was as long as it seemed wide. She needed to grow into her fur. Her meow was quiet, but still commanded attention. I picked her up, placed her against my chest and she purred. A few days later she was given the name Onyx, which was suggested by my sister.

And so the adventure began.

14 years went by; nearly half my life this four-legged fur ball complimented me. She had sass, curiosity, and knew loyalty more than any animal I have seen. It doesn’t feel like 14 years. What happens in that amount of time to make someone (or something) so significant? Well, I will tell you:

  • 1 Attempted break in

  • 1 Britney Spears meltdown

  • 1 Britney Spears comeback

  • 1 Divorce

  • 1 Master’s Degree

  • 1 NBA Finals appearance

  • 1 Passing of a grandparent

  • 1 Ten year high school class reunion

  • 1 Undergraduate Degree

  • 2 Heartbreaks

  • 2 Marriages

  • 2 Roommates

  • 2 Surgeries

  • 2 Tornado evacuations 

  • 3 Cities

  • 3 Earthquakes

  • 3 Nephews were born

  • 3 Presidents of the United States

  • 4 Different cars

  • 5 Job changes

  • 6 Olympiads 

  • 10 seasons of Thunder Basketball

  • 13 TDY/work trips

  • But more importantly, Onyx made 6 places to live feel like home

A lot happens in 14 years when you stop and think about it. Time is a tricky yet rewarding thing. You assume you have all the time in the world to be with someone, but the simple truth is you don’t. And what may seem like a single chapter in your life, might be someone’s entire lifetime. I am grateful for the time I spent with Onyx. I truly feel she chose me. Through all of my life’s changes, the one constant has been her. The most rewarding experience of my time with Onyx is that we grew together. I am choosing to learn from her to help me cope with my grief of losing her companionship.

She was more than a pet, she was my friend. She was persistent. Some say she was overprotective. But she knew who and what she loved and didn’t hesitate to defend those things. She was beautiful and confident. A quiet force. She was simply mine.

One thought on “9 Lives

  1. I remember the time your grandmother tried to out-stare Onyx. You and I went to the store and left them alone in your apartment. We were gone about 30 minutes. When we returned the two ladies had locked-on. My mom finally said,…does that darn cat ever blink?

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